San Francisco & Confusion Hill 4/11-4/20

San Francisco was high on our list of destinations for one HUGE reason.  We would have a chance to connect with Hunter!    As always, it’s just so nice to catch up in person.  We’ve come to appreciate HIS new city and get to know some its neighborhoods a bit better than we would have as typical tourists.  The vibe is definitely young and hip, a great city for the 20 and 30 somethings from all over the world that seem to be everywhere.  Their steady stream of social gatherings make for a real sense of community. It’s easy to get around, very dog and bike friendly and you can always find a museum or event to take in.  We spent a lot of time in Golden Gate Park, on the beaches, and taking in the town with Hunter.  Awesome family times.

Confusion Hill, shown in the last few photos below, was our final stop before leaving California and heading into Oregon. It was set deep among giant Redwoods with a river that turned out to be a deserted playground for Maysea. She welcomed it after spending a few weeks as a “city dog”.



Hunter pointing out the sights to William



Hunter’s neighborhood of Pacific Heights.  Fillmore Street is lined with tons of great restaurants and shopping.


A fellow RVer who has been a full-timer for the past 8 years told us recently that we’re likely to make it if we are still getting along after four months of living two feet apart.  Happy to report that we are getting along just fine.






TONS of green space at Golden Gate Park to get away from the city while still IN the city.


View from an awesome park right across the street from Hunter’s apartment.


Maysea’s playground at Confusion Hill- happy girl!

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