Big Sur & Santa Cruz 4/5-4/10

The drive into Big Sur along the Pacific Coast Highway provided tons of oohing over the mighty awesome and dramatic views along this stretch of the Pacific coast.  We camped for a couple of days next to a flowing stream and mostly just relaxed, enjoyed the serenity of the redwood forest, and ventured out from our stream-side camp just once to hike in the Ventana Wilderness.

After leaving Big Sur, we headed north to our next stop in Santa Cruz, the quintessential CA surfing town.  We snagged our camping spot at a state park just outside of Santa Cruz that had us looking directly out onto the ocean.  Pretty sweet!  After a couple of days there, we moved to another great area in town at a local marina.  Spent our time doing what’s become somewhat a norm for us now….Saturday farmer’s market (good one), hikes, wandering the waterfront, meeting locals, etc.  This time we were treated to a “small world” meeting with a couple who had lived in the same small north Florida town of Marianna where my mother grew up and where my grandparents lived.  It turned out that the gentleman, Dick, had gone through flight school there just a few years before my dad. We wrapped up our last night with a fabulous dinner at a restaurant my parents recommended from their trip here some time ago.  It includes a ride in a tram down a steep path/garden area to the restaurant.


Nice hike in Big Sur







View from our campsite along the ocean near Santa Cruz.  This group was literally working out like this all day long on a Saturday. Old shipwreck in the background.


2nd camp sight in the Santa Cruz area- at a local marina.  Quiet neighborhood, fresh seafood restaurants.



Enjoyed a great conversation with this delightful couple, Dick and Bev.  Turns out he was in the same flight school in Marianna as dad.  Class of ’56.






Took this so we would remember the name of the restaurant with the tram.


Unique tram ride to a fabulous dinner at Shadowbrook.

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  1. Sounds like your awesome adventure continues! Thanks for sharing with us, sorta (only sorta!) like we are with you.

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