AL, LA, TX- 1/19-2/7

January 19th-21st

After departing FL, we took the scenic route to Gulf Shores State Park in AL where we stayed for a couple of days.  A few photos below…beautiful white sandy beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, Maysea at a terrific off leash dog park on the lake, BA and Maysea enjoying some downtime in our new hammock, & William and Maysea in travel mode as we depart toward Biloxi, MS.  We stayed there overnight on our way to New Orleans.

January 22nd-24th- New Orleans, LA

We arrived in New Orleans just in time for the first weekend of Mardi Gras and enjoyed a great visit for Sunday brunch with Eliza, our niece.  New Orleans never disappoints when you’re looking for a place filled with so much to see, do, and eat.  Our home base at the French Quarter RV Resort turned out to be a great spot in walking distance to the heart of New Orleans.  Highlights from New Orleans– spending time with Eliza in HER city, getting a tour of her awesome home, walking all over the city all day long, going to a local farmer’s market (a favorite activity and great way to get info from locals), eating delicious meals, and watching the first Mardi Gras Parade of this year’s season.  Great Fun!


January 24th- LA.- Cajun Country.  Fausse Lake State Park.

Upon leaving the hustle bustle and high activity in New Orleans, we decided to slow the pace a bit and head toward the wilderness in cajun country.  We stayed at a nearly deserted Fausse Lake State Park where we spent a quiet evening followed by a morning hike taking in the scenery that reminded us both of areas around north Florida.


January 25th- Travel day- Livingston, TX

A travel day on the road from LA to Austin, TX- we took our time and enjoyed a slow drive on our preferred scenic route away from interstates.  It affords us the opportunity to take in sites like the contraption in the photo below.  We stopped for lunch at Poche’s, a place we read about as being good for authentic cajun cuisine.  We crossed the border into TX where we spent a night in Livingston, TX.


January 26th-February 1st- Austin, TX

Wow!  This was such a fun, eventful week in an awesome city.  We felt so fortunate that our week coincided with absolutely perfect weather at the end of January- blue skies, warm temperatures, and low humidity.  It was perfect for our days spent hiking and biking, followed by evenings listening to music.  And again, we were able to connect with a terrific visit with family- this time with my aunt, Kathryn and her partner, Wendy.


Spending the day visiting and catching up with Kathryn, Wendy, and Mimi, first at their incredibly beautiful home, then at lunch, window shopping along South Congress St., and hanging out and listening to music at one of Austin’s many fun restaurants.  Also, loved getting a chance to finally see Kathryn’s flower shop, Cowgirls and Flowers.


Hiking the trail at Lady Bird Lake, watching the scene and letting Maysea swim near Barton Springs, and taking in music at Austin’s well known music venues- Saxton’s Pub, the Continental Club, and the Broken Spoke.

February 1st-2nd  Texas Hill Country

LBJ Ranch, Fredericksburg, and Enchanted Rock, TX

After an amazing week in  Austin, our plan was to head south to San Antonio.  At the last minute, we decided to take a detour to see the town of Fredericksburg.  We had heard it was a nice stop- a town settled by German immigrants, home to a WWII museum and a number of wine vineyards.  We were really glad we took this route.  It gave us a chance to ride through some beautiful Texas hill country and we literally stumbled upon LBJs ranch on the way.  We stopped in for the tour and were really glad we did.  It was quite interesting and brought up memories for both William and me of our grandparents.  The ranch was beautiful but not ostentatious.  It was deemed by the press at the time as the “Texas White House”.

In Fredericksburg, as has become quite the norm for us, we used our e-bikes to go the mile or so to a great little restaurant.  We had been told that Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is a “must-see” in the area.  We enjoyed the hike there then headed on to San Antonio- no wine tours.

February 3rd-6th- San Antonio, TX

As we headed into San Antonio, we really didn’t know what to expect.  We’d both heard it was a city with a great vibe and the Riverwalk.  We wanted to check it out.  Our RV park ended up putting us in the perfect spot.  We were able to access the 10 foot wide Mission Trail right from our park.  The trail is beautiful- it runs along the San Antonio River and connects to all the missions as well as downtown San Antonio.  We were thrilled to have a chance to ride our bikes with Maysea on such an “easy” trail.  We toured the Alamo, visited some Missions, and enjoyed dining at Rosario’s Mexican restaurant, a suggestion we received from Wendy during our visit in Austin.


Next stop…. Big Bend National Park.  This has been a highly anticipated stop on our adventure.  Stay tuned….

9 Comments on “AL, LA, TX- 1/19-2/7

  1. What a wonderful journal!! Your adventures continue to amaze me…I am seeing places through your lens which I am thoroughly enjoying! Thanks for sharing. Hope you continue safely along your way.


    • Looks like you’re really enjoying your journey so far. Missed you at the party Friday night!!


      • Gwen sent some great pictures from First Friday- We were glad to see you all enjoying a nice time. We miss you guys. We left Big Bend NP and are now exploring Alpine, Marfa. And Fort Davis area of Texas.


  2. Sounds like you’re having a great time!! We missed you at the party Friday night.


  3. Just ran into Kay down at the beach and she gave me your blog. Have you bookmarked and can’t wait to ride along with the ZigZaggin’ Mayfieldz. Drive safe and have a BLAST. Oh, wait. I think you are!


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