Christmas 2015

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11 Comments on “Christmas 2015

  1. ok- found you and got a text from Bobbie and she said she had a nice visit with you.


  2. Looking for your blog and not finding a new entry. I know you are on the road and am excited to see your entries!!


  3. Have been thinking of y’all on this awesome adventure, looking forward to details!


    • Glad you found us! Update with details coming real soon…working on a few technical details that require a stronger internet connection than we’ve had this far in our campgrounds.


  4. Hope you all are doing well! We finally made it out of Carrabelle and are in St. Pete. We’ll be watching your progress.
    Danielle, Ken and Kaylee


    • Glad you guys set sail. After traveling around much of the state, we’re back in the panhandle for the 30a songwriters festival. Currently having technical issues based on needing strong wifi for initial cloud backup of new iPhone and MacBook. Frustrating. Will blog as soon as we figure it out. Otherwise, having s blast and hope you guys are too! Look forward to tracking your adventures. BA and William


        • We did try our hotspot. Called apple and got a guy who was very helpful. Said hotspot is good for most things EXCEPT for backups… We finally succeeded with the initial backup using wifi at a coffee shop. Took several hours. Now my issue is getting my photos to load to the cloud so I can access them for the blog. Current message says I have 70 photos to upload but no indication that they upload either over wifi or cellular. Not sure what I’m doing wrong and welcome any suggestions! I’m going to try to get it figured out this afternoon. If I don’t get it, I’m gonna call the guy from Apple tech support tomorrow. William thinks we should buy a wifi booster.


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